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Whether you are a solopreneur, or an established business leader with a large company, it is crucial that your finances are up to date and accurate. If you don’t know the differences between a bookkeeper and an accountant, it can be easy to lump us all into the same pile. However, having the right team of trusted professionals supporting you makes all the difference in your success.

Here are the key differences between a bookkeeper and an accountant.

Bookkeepers manage day-to-day finances.

Accountants look at the big picture.

Bookkeepers are in charge of record keeping and data entry.

Accountants are in charge of analyzing the financial records.

Bookkeepers lay the groundwork for accountants.

Accountants prepare financial statements, tax returns and meaningful reports from the financial data.

Bookkeepers are responsible for the financial information infrastructure of a business.

Accountants are responsible for the financial reports based on the bookkeeping process.

Bookkeepers are qualified to record and organize financial transactions.

Accountants are qualified to handle the entire accounting process.

You may be wondering, “When do I hire a bookkeeper or accountant?” With so many user-friendly softwares available, it can be difficult to justify hiring financial support. However, every moment you spend trying to manage financial tasks is another moment taken away from working on your business.

This is why we recommend outsourcing your accounting or bookkeeping tasks as early on as possible. Depending on your needs, TenjaGo has a professional bookkeeping package perfect for you. Learn more about our bookkeeping solutions today.

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